About Us

I personally handle each and every case from start to finish, you will not be dealing with any associate, or paralegal, only me.

I pride myself on keeping my clients updated as to the status of their case, and get to know them and what their case is about.

When needed, I utilize the best forensic experts and private investigators.

CRIMINAL CASES: I never “believe” the police reports in just because they were created by the local police or Federal authorities.

If my client is in custody, I visit him or her on a regular basis and am available to all my clients by telephone collect. If my client wishes for me to meet with his or her family, I will and will work with family and friends with the payment of attorney’s fees and, where applicable, costs.

I know the State and Federal Criminal Justice system in California can be very harsh, frightening and intimidating, so I try to put all of my clients at ease by fostering open communication and by giving them all the information relating to their case so decisions can be made collectively between me and my client.


I am available for a FREE CONSULTATION 24/7/365 

Please go to my Contact Page to leave detailed information about your case


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